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ATV shipping

When it comes to shipping all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) across Canada, finding a reliable and efficient service provider is crucial. With the vast geographical expanse and diverse landscapes of Canada, transporting ATVs can be a challenging task. However, with the assistance of Bikemoves, an expert vehicle shipping company, the process becomes seamless, ensuring your ATVs reach the destination safely and on time.

Extensive Network and Coverage

Bikemoves boasts an extensive network of carriers and logistics partners across Canada. This network enables us to provide comprehensive coverage, reaching even the most remote locations in the country. No matter where you need to ship your ATV, we can offer a reliable solution.

Dedicated ATV Shipping Services

Understanding the unique requirements of shipping ATVs, Bikemoves offers specialized services tailored to handle these vehicles. Our experienced team is well-versed in securing and transporting ATVs, ensuring we are protected from any potential damage during transit. Bikemoves utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to secure and safeguard your ATV throughout the shipping process.

Door-to-Door Service

Bikemoves provides a convenient door-to-door service for ATV shipping. Once you book our services, our team will arrange for the pickup of your ATV from your desired location. We handle all the logistics, including paperwork, loading, and transportation, allowing you to focus on other important aspects. Your ATV will be delivered directly to the specified destination, saving you time and effort.

Fully Insured Shipments

Bikemoves prioritizes the safety of your ATV and offers fully insured shipments. In the unlikely event of any unforeseen circumstances or damage during transit, our insurance coverage provides you with peace of mind. You can trust Bikemoves to handle your ATV with the utmost care and professionalism.

Transparent and Efficient Communication

Effective communication is crucial in any shipping process, and Bikemoves understands this. We provide a transparent and efficient communication system, keeping you informed about the progress of your ATV shipment. Our customer support team is readily available to answer any queries or concerns you may have, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Competitive Pricing

Bikemoves strives to offer competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of service. We provide transparent and upfront quotes, allowing you to plan your budget effectively. With our cost-effective solutions, you can transport your ATV across Canada without breaking the bank.

Combining transport execution and transport management services

Our team is available 7 days a week to address your dealerships shipping needs and expedite motorcycle shipments no matter the distance.

We are confident that once you become our customer, you will stay for the service and value we strive to provide with every single shipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

For new shipments with no established credit account we require payment prior to motorcycle release. For frequent shippers we can offer 30 day payment terms upon successful credit approval of a new shipping account.

Conventional haulers can accommodate anywhere between 1 and 20 motorcycles per load, depending on motorcycles size and trailer type. We offer departures several times a week and can help accommodate single motorcycle shipments or full truck loads.

We strive to provide best value in the shipping marketplace and our customers choose us for our flexible schedules, short notice availability and ability to talk to a live person via phone, chat, email 7 days a week. We provide a shipping solution to your business needs, not simply a truck and a driver.

Once your new shipping account is approved our customer service representative will schedule a call and walk your through the setup process. Our self serve online transport management system can be accessed online with proper credentials 24/7 for new order placement, tracking, vehicle reports, BOLs, PODs and billing.

Safe & Secure

You benefit from our team's vast motorcycle shipping experience, including vetted drivers, around the clock dispatch and industry leading coverage.

Faster Delivery

Multiple weekly departures from all major cities will ensure that your motorcycle departs on time and reaches you on time.


Our customer service team is available via phone, email, text or online chat support to answer all your questions. Real time tracking and up to date arrival times for your peace of mind.

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