Trike Motorcycle Shipping

Shipping a trike motorcycle in Canada can present some challenges due to the following reasons:

Size and Weight: Trike motorcycles are generally larger and heavier than traditional motorcycles, which can make them more challenging to transport. Finding carriers or trailers that can accommodate the size and weight of a trike may be more difficult compared to shipping regular motorcycles.

Limited Carriers: Not all shipping companies or carriers may have the necessary equipment or expertise to handle trike motorcycles. Trikes require specialized handling and secure fastening to ensure safe transport, and not all carriers may be equipped to provide that.

Accessibility: Certain areas in Canada, especially remote or less-populated regions, may have limited transportation options. Finding carriers that service these areas and are willing to transport trike motorcycles can be challenging.

Regulatory Requirements: Each province in Canada may have specific regulations and requirements for shipping vehicles, including trike motorcycles. These regulations may involve permits, documentation, and compliance with safety standards. Navigating these requirements can add complexity to the shipping process.

Insurance Coverage: Trike motorcycles are valuable assets, and ensuring adequate insurance coverage during transit is crucial. Finding carriers that provide comprehensive insurance coverage for trike motorcycles can be challenging, as some companies may have restrictions or limitations in their policies.

It’s important to research and find reputable shipping companies that specialize in transporting trike motorcycles within Canada. Bikemoves have the necessary experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle the unique challenges associated with trike motorcycle shipping, ensuring a smooth and secure transport process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Enclosed transport means your motorcycle rides on a truck with a few other motorcycles and is protected from the elements in a completely enclosed trailer. It’s like flying first class on an airplane.

Enclosed car trailer can accommodate between 1-20 motorcycles, whereas open car haulers can usually fit up to 10-12. Higher cost also accounts for higher motorcycle value and premium service – like faster delivery, flexible drop off options and direct contact with the driver.

The extra cost is worth it if you’re transporting a high value motorcycle you don’t want to expose to weather elements. This especially applies to Canadian winter weather. Enclosed motorcycle shipping is designed to keep custom motorcycles in tip-top shape.

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