Types of Motorcycles

Motorcycles come in a wide variety of types, each designed for different purposes and riding preferences. Here are some additional types of motorcycles:

Standard motorcycles, also known as naked bikes, are versatile and suitable for everyday riding. They feature an upright riding position, a balanced power-to-weight ratio, and a straightforward design. Standard bikes are popular among riders who prioritize practicality and comfort. Ship your Standard Motocycle now

Cruisers are known for their laid-back riding positions, low seat heights, and stylish designs. They typically have V-twin engines, relaxed ergonomics, and often emphasize comfort and style over high performance. Cruisers are popular for leisurely rides and long-distance touring. Ship your Cruiser motorcycle now.

Sport bikes are designed for high-performance riding and emphasize speed, acceleration, and nimble handling. They feature aggressive riding positions, aerodynamic fairings, and powerful engines. Sport bikes are commonly seen on racetracks and appeal to riders seeking adrenaline-pumping experiences. Ship your Sport Bike motorcycle now.

Touring motorcycles are built for long-distance travel and comfort. They often have larger fuel tanks, windshields, comfortable seats, and ample storage space. Touring bikes come equipped with features such as advanced electronics, cruise control, and adjustable suspension to enhance the rider’s comfort during extended trips. Ship your Touring motorcycle now.

Sport touring motorcycles combine elements of sport bikes and touring bikes. They offer the best of both worlds by providing sporty performance combined with long-distance touring capabilities. These bikes have powerful engines, sporty handling, and added features like luggage systems and improved wind protection. Ship your Sport Touring motorcycle now.

Dual sport motorcycles, also known as adventure bikes, are designed for both on-road and off-road riding. They feature long-travel suspension, spoked wheels with versatile tires, and higher ground clearance. Dual sport bikes excel in tackling a variety of terrains, from paved roads to dirt trails. Ship your Dual Sport motorcycle now.

Choppers are custom-built motorcycles known for their unique and often exaggerated designs. They typically have extended forks, raked-out front ends, and customized frames. Choppers are associated with the custom motorcycle culture and reflect individual style and personalization. Ship your Chopper motorcycle now.

Café racers originated in the 1960s and are characterized by their minimalist design, low-profile handlebars, and rear-set footpegs. They have a sporty and aggressive appearance, often featuring a streamlined, stripped-down aesthetic. Café racers are designed for quick rides and are popular among riders who appreciate vintage-inspired motorcycles. Ship your Café Racer motorcycle now.

Bobbers are stripped-down motorcycles that feature a minimalist design and a distinctive style. They typically have a chopped rear fender, a rigid frame, and a low-slung seat. Bobbers focus on simplicity and customization, often removing unnecessary components for a minimalist look. Ship your Bobber motorcycle now.

Scooters are lightweight motorcycles that prioritize convenience and ease of use. They have step-through frames, small engines, and automatic transmissions. Scooters are popular for urban commuting due to their fuel efficiency, compact size, and storage compartments. Ship your Scooter motorcycle now.

Mopeds are small motorcycles with pedals, offering a combination of motorized and pedal-powered propulsion. They are typically low-powered and have smaller engines, making them ideal for short-distance urban commuting. Ship your Moped motorcycle now.

Supermoto bikes are hybrids that combine features of dirt bikes and sport bikes. They feature off-road capabilities with knobby tires, long-travel suspension, and high ground clearance, while also being designed for asphalt riding. Supermoto motorcycles excel in agility and are popular for urban riding and motorcycle racing events. Ship your Supermoto motorcycle now.

Motocross motorcycles are specifically designed for off-road racing on closed dirt tracks. They feature lightweight frames, powerful engines, long-travel suspension, and knobby tires. Motocross bikes prioritize agility, maneuverability, and durability in demanding off-road conditions. Ship your Motocross motorcycle now.

Automoves combines extensive automotive shipping experience with newest technologies to deliver vehicles faster.

Our team consists of seasoned industry professionals – from the customer service rep handling your booking to dispatcher assigning your vehicle for transport, to drivers loading your vehicles. Most of all, we are known to be car people. Our team is passionate about cars – owning them, fixing them, restoring them and even racing on the track. We believe that our passion for what we do is the strongest perquisite for delivering excellent service to our customers and hopefully – you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

Automoves specializes in auto transport by truck via open and enclosed trailers. Transport by truck is the most flexible, fastest vehicle shipping method in Canada with limited restrictions.

Yes, we allow up to 400 pounds of personal belongings inside the vehicle. We ask that anything you pack inside the vehicle is kept in the back seat and the trunk. Obviously nothing illegal or flammable is permitted. You should also be aware that common car hauler insurance covers the vehicle itself and not the contents of it in case of a complete loss / claim.

Automoves offers flexible pick up and shipping dates. With regional terminals in 17 cities across Canada you can drop the vehicle off at your convenience. In most cities we can arrange pick-up within 24-48 hours. Our trucks depart several times a week so your vehicle will not be sitting in a lot awaiting departure for more than 72 hours.

We will issue your invoice once the vehicle is dropped off at our terminal or scheduled for pick up. While we do not require a deposit or pre-payment to ship your vehicle, all non account shipments require payment prior to vehicle release.

Yes, we will require a key in order to drive your vehicle on and off the transport truck. We keep all keys in a secure location while at the terminal or on the truck. The vehicle is locked at all times other than when it is being loaded or offloaded in transit. We do ship in-operable vehicles without keys, please inquire with our office about this option.

We offer several options for vehicle delivery, including door to door service. While the least expensive shipping method is to transport your vehicle from terminal to terminal this may not always be a feasible option. Please contact our office for more information on door to door delivery as delivery rates may vary depending on your distance to the closest terminal.

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You benefit from our team's vast motorcycle shipping experience, including vetted drivers, around the clock dispatch and industry leading coverage.

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